LightRider English Euro bridle | bitless | black


  • Australian bitless bridle
  • The new chinstrap cover is included!


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  • Material: English leather and Stainless Steel buckles
  • Inclusive chinstrap cover (new!)
  • Inclusive connector strap with leading ring
  • Raised and padded noseband and browband
  • Padded headpiece
  • Unique Chinstrap: The soft webbing chin strap keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication. This means you can use lighter rein aids. When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten due to the type of webbing used. 90% of the pressure is on top of the nose, and the horse can self release the chinstrap easily for eating, yawning etc. Learn more about the use of the chinstrap here.
  • The bridle can also be used as a sidepull by clipping the chinstrap and noseband rings together (recommended to start with if your horse hasn’t experienced a chinstrap before).
  • The bridle features an extra cheekpiece buckle to allow for a bit to be added if you need one for competitions, or for your transition to bitless.
  • The bridle does not include LightRider Reins.

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Would you like to see how to fit a LightRider Bitless Bridle and how to properly adjust the chinstrap?
Have a look at Cynthia Coopers explanations in her videos!

Please note: the bridle is designed for well educated horses who respond to light rein aids.