My vision on working with horses is to empower the horse with positive reinforcement. However, less attention is given when the horse behaves unwillingly (unwillingly in my opinion). My method starts with rest, after which I continue to work on cooperation, using reward and reflection. My interest in different training methodologies, training by multiple people and gaining knowledge from different angles, enabled my broad development. This allowed me to create a style that fits best for me.

Interaction with your horse

For the development of a longlasting and good relationship, I am convinced that it is of utmost importance to spend time with your horse without really doing ‘anything’. When given some time and space, the horse can reach out to you to strongly connect. I acknowledge the horses as intelligent individuals, who need space to show their character and ideas. By working from invitation, ideas can be brought forward by the horse, as well as by the human being, in which both are free to do that or not.


Besides this relationship, it is just as important to develop a connection while riding or training your horse. One of my fundamental tenets is to get the horse in balance vertically (left and right), as well as horizontally (front and back). I think it is important that the correct posture of the horse comes from out of their balance and not because the rider brings the horse into a wanted position.

2 Worlds (become 1)

Combining the relationship (developed out of liberty and invitation) with the correct training of the horse, feels like merging two different worlds. I like to combine both worlds into a method of training in which both horse and human can be happy and where you can reach new heights together. This represents my style during training and when I am giving intruction to others.


-Work in liberty: ‘Playing the game’
-Work in hand
-Single line and double line longeing

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Looking for more inspiration? Noora Ehnqvist, Imke Spilker, Alexander Nevzorov, Frederic Pignon, Mireille den Hoed, Karmie Stroeve, Karin Leibrandt, Florien de Graaf and Wendy Murdoch are all inspiring me!