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After coming home from Australia I couldn’t wait to increase my knowledge even more and to start a new study on horses. I was looking for a study that would be focusing on the biomechanical aspects as well as on the mental aspects. Balancing the horse’s body in a correct manner should include both aspects equally.

There are as much opionins as there are horses regarding the best method to train them. From out of everyone’s own perspective, with the best intentions of course. For me it is of utmost importance to straighten the horse from out of balance. By starting from out of a balanced horse, you allow the horse to get in the correct posture instead of the rider putting the horse in a certain frame.

I was excited to find the education that fits me and my way of working; Rehabilitation Trainer given by Equicare-Plus. During this study they teach how to balance the horse vertically (left and right) and horizontally (front and back). You learn how to recognize reactions and blockades in the horse’s body and how to handle or correct these.

I started in 2015. I have been working on rehabilitate the horse Dudley (tinker) in my second year. Dudley is a horse who was tensed in his back and cervix, stumbled a lot and was lame. It is really exciting to see how much he has improved since the start of his training. Today, we can ride him, he is able to keep his balance and he is even able to lengthen his upper line.

I can’t get enough of talking about these subjects. When review the things that I have learned, I make new connections and get new ideas to increase my knowledge, which makes me enthusiastic over and over again.

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